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Transmission Raman User Meeting, Seminar and Model-Building Workshop Tuesday 5th December 2017

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HPLC is a global standard for tablet and capsule content uniformity testing, assay and drug product ID; however, it’s not the only technique that can be used. Transmission Raman Spectroscopy (TRS) can augment the QC laboratory workflow, reduce testing and dead time by days or weeks, avoid consumables costs and reduce staff resource compared with wet chemistry. This seminar looks at the practical use of TRS, with expert presentations from pharmaceutical company users, and provides opportunities to network and learn first-hand the benefits of this exciting technology. There will be talks on successful instrument deployment and method development and how to satisfy regulatory compliance around the world.

TRS has compelling benefits in polymorph and solid-state analysis, formulation development, stability studies and other areas. Several presentations will discuss these topics and how they can be practically used in R&D.

This is the second such seminar – the first one was held in 2015. Several of the presentations from the previous seminar are available to view on the link to the right.

Who Should Attend?

  • Pharma QC and QA executives and lab managers
  • Chromatography experts looking at new techniques
  • Formulation development chemists
  • pXRD and molecular spectroscopists

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